Global Sodium-ion Battery Market Future Outlook to 2027



The report analyzes the growth prospect and future outlook of Sodium-ion battery market.

Press Release

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Global Sodium-ion Battery Market and Future Outlook to 2027- Demand and Opportunity Assessment is a comprehensive report that studies Sodium-ion battery market performance in the present and expected demand outlook by studying the market by technology and in detail Lithium-ion battery demand by industries. Also, the report studies overall battery requirement and need for Stationary Energy Storage in the near future owing to the clean energy mission and shortage of electricity in major economies worldwide. The report helps to assess future opportunities for Sodium-ion batteries.

Battery consumption climbed by 30% annually between 2010 and 2018, reaching 180 GWh in 2018. In the most optimistic scenario, the market will grow at a 25% annual rate until it reaches 2,600 GWh in 2030. The key drivers of demand growth are the electrification of transportation and the installation of batteries in electricity grids. According to the World Economic Forum, passenger automobiles will account for 60% of global battery demand by 2030, with commercial vehicles accounting for the remaining 23%.

Global Sodium-ion battery market revenues are expected to grow at double digit CAGR of 17.09% during 2022-2027 to reach the USD 2.5 billion mark by 2027. Limited Li-ion reserves are a major constraint to meet the set target of adopting 100% EV in the coming years; therefore, if manufacturers find Sodium-ion batteries suitable for EV and electronics and offer equal competitiveness (which is a question for now), the adoption rate is going to boost in future.


Further Key Findings

  • Impact of Covid 19
  • Rising FDI
  • Investment in R&D
  • Rising demand for Electric Vehicles
  • Rising Global Warming
  • Increasing Government Initiative

Full Report:

Key Areas Covered in the Report:

a) Import/Export Assessment

b) Market Assessment

c) Segmentation by Application

d) Segmentation by Product

e) Company’s Mentioned

Key Questions Answered:

  1. What is the present state of the global economy and the expected future after the COVID-19 outburst?
  2. What is the present state of battery trade among key trade partners (Countries)?
  3. What is the role of Li-ion batteries in the global Electric and Electronics industry and also their contribution to the automotive industry?
  4. To what extent Sodium-ion batteries can replace Li-ion battery demand in future?
  5. What is the present state of performance and demand for Sodium-ion batteries worldwide?
  6. What is the expected future demand for Sodium-ion batteries?
  7. What potential do Sodium-ion batteries offer in the near future?
  8. Who are the leading players in the Sodium-ion battery market and what are the key deals happened in the recent past?
  9. What is the present state of availability of electricity and how Sodium-ion can be used in grid storage applications?
  10. How future of Sodium-ion is shaping up with limited reserves of Li-ion worldwide?