GL.iNet Launches its First GPS Gateway – Collie (GL-X300B-GPS)



Ultra-long range GPS Gateway for location tracking; High-powered extendable antennas; Aluminum exterior for rapid heat dissipation and protection. Remote device management platform.

Press Release

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(Hong Kong) GL.iNet, a world-leading developer of network hardware and software, is excited to introduce our new GPS gateway, Collie (GL-X300B-GPS) – An industrial wireless Gateway that provides a reliable 4G LTE network and is equipped with a GPS module for providing asset tracking capabilities. GL-X300B-GPS provides reliable machine-to-machine communications between electrical devices, it is especially effective in maintaining reliable network communications under high electrical noise industrial environments.

The first debut of GL-X300B-GPS is full of surprises. It has a location tracking feature with an external GPS antenna, two Wi-Fi antennas, and two 4G antennas. It also supports CAT 4 4G LTE module and offers a Wi-Fi speed of 300Mbps.

The GPS module provides location data for developing long-range asset tracking applications. It is empowered by GoodCloud to provide an integrated solution for mass device deployment, remote accessing to devices, as well as real-time GPS tracking and routing for fleet monitoring.

Feature Highlights


GPS Module Applications

X300B-GPS is pre-installed with a GPS module and software for remote location-tracking capabilities. It is designed for a wide range of applications, including RV vehicles operating in remote locations with minimal network infrastructure, public transportation under high network density or interference environments, and multi-region logistics monitoring scenarios.

OpenWrt – All of GL.iNet’s routers run on high-performance and secure open-source OpenWrt operating systems, it comes with our user-friendly Imagebuilder application for easy customization of firmware packages.

Reliable Connection – Collie supports multiple connection methods including ethernet, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi repeater. It is also equipped with a hardware watchdog, ensuring an uninterrupted network, and external antennas for extended range and improved wall-penetration capabilities.

Remote Device Management – All of GL.iNet’s routers come with GoodCloud, our remote device management platform for remote monitoring client device data usage, accessing the device’s terminal, batch update, view analytics, and more.

Secured Network – Collie is pre-installed with OpenVPN and WireGuard supporting 30+ VPN services, it supports VPN remote access to client devices using GoodCloud, and automatically encrypts all network traffic within the connected network. The network runs on the latest version of Internet Protocol IPv6, and It also supports Cloudflare DNS over TLS security protocol, ensuring a secure network.

For more details about GL-X300B-GPS, please visit our website:

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