Giving Value to Recommendations Opennity is Launching a Community Economy Incentive Program



Opennity, a new community and referral platform is launching an incentive program for members that join their platform. New registrants for the platform will receive 400 OPNN tokens, a utility token used on the platform.

Press Release

San Francisco, CA, April 12, 2019 — Opennity is a new type of community economy platform based on the blockchain and its purpose is to connect the talent and enterprises within the blockchain industry. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the blockchain industry also has a high employee mobility rate. Since there is no efficient recruitment platform specific to the blockchain industry, it is hard for intellectuals and enterprises in traditional industries to enter this business.

To solve this problem, Opennity is determined to build a referral platform that bridges blockchain talent and services with traditional businesses. Opennity will help enterprises find blockchain professionals or aid in applying blockchain technology to their business. Opennity hopes to boost the development of the blockchain industry by building a strong community and bringing together global professionals so that people can find more opportunities. Meanwhile, the platform will also become a blockchain talent pool that will help push the whole industry forward by attracting more talented people to come and develop it.

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The blockchain industry is still in the early stages of development compared to other mature industries. There are not many choices for employees or employers. Sometimes it’s difficult to evaluate the talent, according to the Co-founder of Opennity, Eddie Yeung. “At Opennity, we use the power and influence of our community to support and recommend each other to build a highly efficient and productive platform.”

The referral economy is the core value of Opennity; it helps users find suitable candidates and services. Members of the community have the right to share their views and ratings, and through this system, the recommended activities within the platform can be kept at a high level. Anyone who wishes to use Opennity to find jobs or candidates can become a member of the community as long as they register onto the platform and fill in personal or company data.

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