Getting Started

Here is the step by step guide to get started with

1) Go to Sign Up page.

You can also signup using your Facebook or Google account.

After successful registration, you will get a confirmation link on your email ID. The email will look like screenshot below:

Confirmation Email

2) Click the Activate Your Account button in email to confirm your email ID and activate the account.

3) Go to Login


4) After successful login, select Pricing option in main menu to open Pricing page.

5) On Pricing page, you will see Membership Plans with their description. Choose your preferred Membership Plan and click Order Now!


6) You will be taken to Membership checkout page. Review your membership features and click Check Out with 2Checkout

Membership Checkout

7) Now you will be taken to our hosted 2Checkout page which is secured by SSL. Your card information is encrypted and safe. Enter your billing information and click Continue to Payment Method.

Hosted Checkout Page

8) Once your payment is successful, you will be taken to Membership Confirmation

9) After your membership is confirmed, you will see Submit New option in your main menu.

Click on Submit New link on main menu and you will see the following form.

Here you can submit your press release. Note that you may see different form with less fields if you have selected Basic membership plan.

Manage Your Membership Plans

You can change your membership plan any time after registration. To check/change your membership plan, follow the steps:

1) Go to Membership option under Account menu option.

2) You will be taken to Membership Account page where you can see your current membership level under My Memberships section.

3) Click Change or View all Membership Options link as highlighted above. Now, you will be able to see all membership levels.

4) Click the Select button in front of your preferred membership level. You will be taken to Membership Checkout page.

5) Click on Check Out with 2Checkout button and you will be taken to our hosted 2checkout payment gateway. Enter your billing information and complete the payment. Once we receive the payment, you will see Membership Confirmation page.

6) After membership confirmation, You will see the Submit New and Dashboard links on main menu where you can publish and manage your articles.

Cancel Your Membership

Your Membership on is not recurring and it will be cancelled automatically after 30 days. If you want to manually cancel your membership, follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Click on Membership option under Account menu option and you will be taken to Membership Account page.

2) On Membership Account page, click the Cancel link.

3) On the Confirmation page, click Yes, cancel this membership button.

4) Your membership will be cancelled instantaneously.