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GetHair is one of the most outstanding hair transplant institutions in the UK and US.

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GetHair ( offers life-changing and professionally done hair transplant Turkey wide for those seeking viable solutions for their emerging baldness or thinning hair. This clinic’s nearly five-star rating proves its reputable ability to address any hair-related problems.

FUE hair transplant has been deemed as the top Turkey hair transplant service they can do to a patient as it is minimally invasive, and it leaves almost no scars at all. This is because hair follicles are individually extracted from the back of the head. Clients can choose from their three common extraction methods. First, the Sapphire FUE is like the standard FUE whose only difference is its incision tool is made from sapphire instead of steel or titanium. Second, the MicroFUE uses an extraction device, which tips range between 0.6mm and 1mm. Third, the Long-Hair FUE or non-shaven FUE is ideal for people who want faster recovery time. This requires laser-sharp precision, so this is the slowest operation to execute.

GetHair provides a comprehensive assessment to everyone w who’s struggling with their hair and wants to redeem their self-confidence. This is to check and discuss their condition and compatibility to undergo the treatment. Once they are given the green light, this clinic’s patients can now choose a date and they can fly to Istanbul the day before the surgery. After the procedure, the patient will be brought for their aftercare session, and they may fly back to their homes a day after the surgery.

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About GetHair

GetHair is one of the most outstanding hair transplant institutions in the UK and US. Their team consists of five renowned hair surgeons with 63 years of combined experience in hair restorations. These doctors work closely with their patients to properly address their needs and for them to provide the best results possible. Some of the top hair procedures they perform are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), female hair transplant, and facial hair transplant. For enquiries, fill out their contact form now available at or message them at [email protected] You can talk to one of their staff as well! Just call 0203 868 3600.