Get your Certificate of Compliance Sydney with the Accredited E1 Category Certifiers at POOL CERTIFY



POOL CERTIFY are fully qualified Category E1 Accredited Certifiers who will inspect your pool barriers for compliance with the appropriate Standard and issue you with a Compliance Certificate.

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A Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate Sydney is a certificate that is only issued by an accredited certified inspector after inspecting and confirming that your swimming pool or spa complies with the appropriate Australian Standard i.e. AS1926.1-1986, AS1926.1-2007 or AS1926.1-2012.

In NSW, when a pool or spa owner has a pool enclosure that has existing non compliances but they wish to sell their property without any rectification, a Non Compliance Certificate will be issued. This certificate is valid for 12 months and is used by pool owners to facilitate the sale of their property. When a property with Non Compliance Certificate is sold, the purchaser has to rectify the issues necessary to achieve compliance. The purchaser gets 90 days from settlement to complete the work, after which the local council will follow up and they do have the power to issue work orders. If you do not possess any of these certificates then you might lose your sale or lease.

If any anonymous formal complaint about your swimming pool or spa is made, the state government has the mandate to carry out spot inspections and if issues are identified that do not comply with the Standards then you may get fined even if you have a Non Compliance Certificate with you. So as a pool owner you must be vigilant in ensuring that your pool or spa complies with the safety standards. The fully accredited E1 category certifiers at POOL CERTIFY help you in identifying the areas that are of concern and provide an impressive level of customer service that will let you sleep easily knowing that your pool is safe and compliant and your family and visitors are protected around your pool. Before any mishap occurs nearby your pool get in touch with POOL CERTIFY today and be safe!

“At POOL CERTIFY we offer our professional services to the Greater Metropolitan areas of Sydney. Our fully Accredited E1 Category team at POOL CERTIFY is waiting for your call – we’re ready to inspect your pool and surrounds including all gates & latches. We will check your pool’s barrier, property boundary fencing and landscaping to make sure that none of these conflicts with Australian Standards or with the NSW Swimming Pools Act 1992, as amended. If your pool or spa does not comply, we issue a detailed “Notice to Comply” which provides a tailored action plan to ensure your pool becomes compliant. Sellers who wish to pass on responsibility for any rectification works to the purchaser will include a Non Compliance Certificate to include in their Sales Contract.” – says a spokesperson at POOL CERTIFY