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Smashtag Ltd is a leading distributor of high-quality temperature data loggers.

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Smashtag Ltd ( develops and manufactures top-of-the-line temperature data logger products that provide fast, downloadable, and secure information for various industrial applications. Their wireless devices gauge temperature, gases, and electrical limits with precision, making them the best tool to monitor logistical temperatures.

Data from these portable temperature recorders can be analysed and downloaded either to a PC over USB or wirelessly using Bluetooth to a smartphone. Such devices are weather or waterproof and can be used in commercial indoor spaces or other production facilities. These items are inexpensive, accessible, and are easy to use.  They are available in wireless, USB options, as well as probe and multi-channel versions.

For greater accuracy, their loggers are standardised against a UKAS thermometer. They are essential for goods transportation as well as environmental and warehouse monitoring. Businesses can be more lucrative and keep their assets through these tools that maintain shelf life. With such a device, inventories can be protected from climate change. They are under ideal conditions no matter how long they are kept under storage. They prevent goods from suffering from excessive humidity, moulds, dust mites, and damages.

Not only do these temperature data loggers preserve product quality. These small but powerful instruments provide evidence of an entrepreneur’s compliance with government regulations. They also have a significant impact on the productivity levels of employees. Their capacity to detect ideal temperature levels guarantees that staff performs at convenient working conditions.

Smashtag is widely experienced in improving industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications fit for wireless connections.  Hence, even academic institutes use their innovative tools to measure water temperatures and noise and light levels in rooms. Likewise, pharmaceutical companies can greatly benefit from its ability to prevent drug and vaccine deterioration.

Moreover, their sensors reveal accurate readings and can be continuously used over lengthy periods. Likewise, they can be placed in high-risk areas. Part of their advantages would be their cost-efficiency as they don’t require much manpower yet still enhance business operations.

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About Smashtag Ltd

Smashtag Ltd is a leading distributor of high-quality temperature data loggers. Their powerful and durable devices can measure and monitor logistical temperature, making them ideal for different industries. Likewise, their portable and wireless tools deliver accurate and quick information. These functions enable food and drug industry products to remain in mint condition, without businesses breaking the bank. Aside from preserving product quality, their smart items contribute to higher levels of productivity in production facilities. If interested in acquiring their products, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you may call their customer service hotline at 01223 881881.