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The release discusses about eyelash extension services provided by Blonde Salon & Spa, a renowned salon in Killeen, Texas. It further highlights other services offered by them.

Press Release

Killeen, TX/2018: Eyelash extension can make your eyes look mesmerizing and beautiful. Long & luscious lashes not only provide extra detailing but also add volume and fullness to eyes. If you are considering to get a professional eyelash extension done then Blonde Salon & Spa is the right place for you. The Killeen, TX based salon offers world-class eyelash extension services. The certified professionals at the salon help each client choose an eyelash extension that best suits their eye shape. This ensures the most natural looking eyelashes. Clients can also specify the thickness required.

They place special emphasis on hiring the best professionals for the job. The experts possess exceptional technical skills and only use the best brand products for best results. It is ensured that the stylists and experts at the salon cater to each and every need of their client.

Eyelash Extension Services Offered –

Touch-Up Sessions – The touch-up services at the salon ensure your extensions look perfect at all times. After getting a new set of lashes, you can avail these services within the first seven days of doing so. A touch-up session lasts a mere 30 minutes.

Refill Sessions – Just like natural lashes, eyelash extensions are also prone to falling off over the course of time. However, a refill session takes care of this by strengthening the bonding agent used to thicken the lashes. Our professionals are pros at doing the refill in as less as 40 minutes.

Removal Of The Eyelash Extension – It is highly advisable to get eyelash extensions removed with the help of professionals. While getting the eyelash extensions removed, our specialists take extra care to protect the natural lashes beneath the extensions. They are well-versed with the technique of dissolving the adhesive in the lash extension for their complete removal without affecting the natural lashes. The whole procedure takes as less as 20 minutes.

Other Services

  • Hair Services
  • Skin Care & Waxing
  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • Massage Services
  • Make-Up Services
  • Spa Packages
  • Bridal Package & Make-Up

For an appointment with eyelash extension experts at Blonde Salon & Spa, feel free to call at (254) 501 – 3930 or visit the salon at 1900 Elms Rd. Suite 105, Killeen, TX 76543. You can also log on to