GEMA Announces Results of International Painting Olympics, 2022



GEMA's International Painting Olympics results are out!

Press Release

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Pioneers of new-age education for young minds, ‘GEMA’ announced the results of International Painting Olympics, 2022 on their official website. Calm Sirivarangkul in Group A (Kindergarten), Adwait Chaudhari in Group B (Class 1st and 2nd), Nadiya Naser and Clement Tan Tub Feng in Group C (Class 3rd, 4th and 5th) and Aarna Bhavesh Tailor in Group D (Class 6th-8th) bagged the first position and took home exciting prizes.


GEMA’s International Painting Olympics is an annual event for budding young painters all around the world. GEMA has always stood for promoting art and art practices in the schools through various Art Contests. The International Painting Olympics has touched the lives of thousands of creative & innovative kids. The activity had been designed to nurture the child’s creativity & motivate them to think in an innovative manner. The contest was conducted with immense professionalism and had a fair and impartial judging process, bestowing the contest with unparalleled credibility. Students from Kindergarten to 8th standard were invited to participate in 4 clearly divided groups. Each group received an exciting and relevant topic and every participant was awarded Gift Vouchers and Digital Certificates.




About Gema:

GEMA is an online educational platform that caters to quenching the thirst of curious young minds through interactive classes and creative methods. We offer academic courses but we also offer hobby classes and the likes taught by experts who are passionate about their field as well as about teaching them to your children. Any student who is 3-12 years old can join our classes. In GEMA, every lesson ensures effective learning using intensive lessons and teaching methods. It seeks to build a personality and confidence for your child based on the learning experiences.


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