FTB Pathway Publications Reveals Second Space Opera Trilogy



Pathway to the Stars: Part 6.1, Trilogy by Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke.

Press Release

Omaha, Nebraska, April 01, 2019 — FTB Pathway Publications is thrilled to reveal Pathway to the Stars: Part 6.1, Trilogy by Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Matthew J Opdyke. This innovative Science Fiction Saga is a compilation of the Pathway to the Stars Space Opera booklet series, Parts 4-6.

Conservatives and liberals alike will be astounded by the steps Eliza takes, with her growing cadre of technological and scientific superheroes, and their sprawling tech cities from Mercury to the Oort Clouds that cradle our Sun’s planetary structure. In this text, together, they pursue more critical aspects in the delicate preparation of humanity, so our civilization can successfully sojourn beyond the outer reaches of the Solar System!

Climb aboard Vesha Celeste’s journey and witness the development of the Universal Party, by Eliza Williams and the many members of her growing organization of Pathway. Eliza in her many quests also recruits Amber Blythe as well as her unique talents. Amber in-turn has the opportunity to become a biotech hero helping her in her quest to heal and draft Erin Carter. Yesha Alevtina helps Vesha explore the many aspects of this historically epic journey to help her understand a fuller potential.

This trilogy digs into ideals, ideas, and capabilities that will help all of humanity to have that option to have a sense of shared ethics, live for a long, long time, and span the Cosmos! In their missions, Pathway citizens find a common and shared purpose amongst themselves, as they prepare to meet the various civilizations living throughout systems of the many vibrant stars we see while preserving the life-giving qualities of our magnificent Universe! Enjoy this trilogy and be a part of this fantastic and possible future. Let’s also ask ourselves, how can we begin? Moreover, what are our motives, our goals, and when should we make it all happen?

“We need to overcome our apparent fixation toward and acceptance of suffering, misery, and death—many argue to the contrary. We need to rise up and fight against senescence and death, and if necessary, until our own ends. Doing so will fill our lives with purpose and lead to much more than a dull and silly existence. Life will be a greater reward if we carry on with the spirit or thought of enabling the future of humanity for the long-haul.” ~ Eliza Williams – “Pathway to the Stars: Part 6.1, Trilogy,” Appendix

It is now available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats! ISBN: 978-1091728349

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q2M522B

Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1091728348

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Matthew J Opdyke
FTB Pathway Publications
Omaha, Nebraska