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Bailey Law Firm is the best experienced and skilled in two aspects: Serious Injury Law and Small Business Law in Phoenix, Arizona.

Press Release

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Our firm was founded to give a voice to people and families who have been seriously injured or killed in situations in which someone is to blame. The motto on which Bailey Law Firm is action and accountability. That is to set up a one-stop destination where the solution to all harm caused in personal injury to the individual will be effectively solved with legal approaches. The verdict surely ensures some compensation to the individual based on the seriousness and authenticity of the case.

The methodology followed by Bailey Law Firm

  • Take action
  • Be heard
  • Holding wrongdoers accountable

Why hire attorneys from Bailey Law Firm?

  • Experienced in handling multi-million dollar case
  • Well regarded among judges and other lawyers
  • Passionate for working with clients
  • Connected with a network of witnesses to help prove your case
  • Battle-tested in jury trials

Bailey Law Firm attorney team

Founder and lead attorney Jenna Bailey along with her legal team have made the possible chances of getting the verdict in personal injury cases. They all together are well qualified from recognized national law council and have been practicing for years with all wittiness and willingness.

Cases involved in personal injury

  • Medical malpractice
  • Car, bike and pedestrian cases
  • Elder abuse and neglect
  • Wrongful death
  • Victim representation
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and etc

How to book an appointment online?

For booking an appointment, one must share basic details by logging into their account at the Bailey Law Firm website. Next click on the option book Online, then select type of case from the predefined list. At last, choose the date according to your schedule and also tap on time slot with your comfort. All then consequently you would have booked an appointment.

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