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The use of scaffolding makes construction projects safe and the work compliant with relevant regulations. Whether it is a small- or grand-scale project, its access, safety, and balance needs can be sufficiently met using scaffolding structures. If you own or manage one, you can talk to New England Scaffolding, the industry experts for scaffolding rental, ME. We have everything that you need and are only waiting for your call.

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About Us

New England Scaffolding is a specialized company with over 33 years of experience. We have honed our skills for those three years and made a name for ourselves, thanks to the hundreds of clients we have served sufficiently. Whether a client comes to us looking for scaffolding for their residential house or if they are working on a large-scale bridge project, we help to take care of that. Be a part of our happy family of clients by hiring our best solutions.

Reliable Scaffolding Rental, Maine

Across Maine, New England, we have made a name for ourselves as the premier and go-to scaffolding experts. Our three decades of industry experience are everything clients want to invest in. Our skills and commitment to excellence make it easy to entrust projects to us, something that we honor by ensuring that clients get the best.

Among what you can rent from us, there is the following:

Scaffolding: We have general scaffolding equipment that includes fabricated frames, sidewalk protection, systems scaffolding, and tube & coupler. We also have suspended scaffolding for versatile access

Shoring: When you need to hire shoring for new construction, repairs, or remodeling, we have high-quality and heavy-duty ones

Temporary Fencing: If you need to secure your property for a given period, you can do so with our temporary fences

Debris Management: We also have trash management solutions for you. With our trash chutes, you can clear your construction debris fast, safely, and in compliance

Protection solutions, including abatement, containment, and dust and wind control

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