Fabrication and Laser Cutting Service Providers in Gauteng



    Plasma Cut has always strived to be the preferred stainless steel sheet and related products supplier in South Africa. They aim to become the industry leaders by committing to improving and evaluating the equipment, technology and quality of their processes.

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    The company strictly believes in quality consistency and continuous improvement in all its fabrication projects.

    Fabrication Services Offered by Plasma Cut:

    Plasma Cut functions round the clock as a service centre for all steel fabrication. Over the years, the company has developed its strength and capabilities to ensure top-notch products, services and on time deliveries. To meet the requirements of the clients in the best way possible, the company utilises state of the art equipment along with the best draughtsmen. Services offered by the company include:

    1. Laser Cutting – Housing some of the best available laser cutting machinery, Plasma Cut provides laser cutting for plates up to 6m long. They can cut both mild steel and stainless steel plates, of a thickness ranging between 0.50mm to 25.00mm.

    2. Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting – The company offers high-quality plasma cutting with minimum tapering on the edges. For this, they house two plasma cutters – a hi-definition cutter featuring a 12m bed and an oxy-fuelled burning cutter.

    3. Guillotining – Plasma Cut features a guillotining facility that allows the slitting of 3m wide plates in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.90mm to 12.00mm thickness. They also ensure that all the guillotined bars are straightened with a levelling machine.

    4. Chamfering – The process of chamfering involves the making of a grove, bevel or furrow on a material’s edge to provide a smooth finish. Plasma Cut utilises this technique to prepare items before welding them.

    5. Machining – Plasma Cut offers various machining services like tapping, drilling etc. All these are done accurately by experienced and skilled staff members. They house various machines for servicing their client’s needs.

    6. Brushing – PVC and brush polishing are popular techniques employed to enhance the finish of a product and protect it from becoming damaged and scratched. The company offers brush polishing of parts having a width up to 500mm.

    7. Rolling – The rolling facility of Plasma Cut can shape and roll angles, sections, cylinders, bars and similar items. These can have thicknesses varying between 0.90mm and 25.00mm.

    8. Bending – They have a flexible bending facility that can provide bending services for lengths up to 6 metres.

    They also provide various products along with these services. To learn more about their products and services, please visit them on their official website: https://www.plasmacut.co.za/.

    About the Company:
    Plasma Cut was established in 1986 as a part of the AFMETCO group, to cater to the laser cutting and fabrication needs of the people. The company strives to become the leading suppliers of stainless steel and related products in South Africa.

    331 Dame Street, Extension 3, Wadeville
    Germiston, 1422, South Africa, Gauteng
    Tel: (011) 9025550