Eya Home Living Collaborates with Local Artisans for Unique African Home Decor Pieces



South Africa: Every country, region, and community has strong cultural ties.

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The majority of these cultures cast themselves outwardly into literature or visual art. Both artisans and artists are greatly impacted by their cultural histories and environments.

Eya Home Livingcollaborates with local artisans to deliver the most unique and high-quality décor items. The items bought from local artisans and craftsmen are of high quality;ones that you cannotobtain elsewhere.

This is only one of the numerous benefits of purchasing handmade goods. Supporting these artisans entails supporting the campaign for traditional handmade goods. While retaining the value and significance of these abilities in a technologically advanced age, buying handcrafted items and products made with the help of local artisans would be helpful in creating jobs and careers for future generations.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of buying products made with the help of local artisans:

  1. Deep Rooted Cultural Significance – Most artwork, crafts, or anything you buy from Eya Home Living will have a deeper significance or connotation. These products may act as change agents, leave a culturally significant impression, or convey a well-known historical narrative. When you support a local artisan, you may be supporting a person’s way of life, a narrative, or both.


  1. Quality Products – Many of the high-quality items by regional artisans are handmade. You can relax knowing that Eya Home Living has collaborated with skilled craftspeople. They are unlikely to create low-quality, mass-produced goods as local artisans take the time to improve their products because they make very specialised products.

  1. Supporting The Community – By buying items created with the help of their local artisans, you help artisans succeed financially and boost the local economy as a whole. Additionally, when you show a friend your new item, you can always talk about how awesome it is to support the local artists and their culture.


We have listed only a few of the benefits above, and there are more of them. There are plenty of reasons to purchase handmade items, and they all come down to the superb craftsmanship put into each item.

Beautiful African home decor and a variety of handcrafted goods produced from eco-friendly materials are available at Eya Home Living. From striking tribal designs to dexterous beadwork, each piece in our home décor shops is intended to lend a touch of elegance to every place in your house.

About the company:

Eya Home Living was inspired by a mix of different African languages. African Home Decor collection consists of authentic, original and luxury decor pieces that are sourced and curated across this special continent of Africa. The Eya Home Living team have areal passion for bringing organic modernism into your home with a sophisticated mix of clean lines and natural accents.