Experienced Chiropractor Helps Patients Get the Best Out of Themselves



Experienced Chiropractor Helps Patients Get the Best Out of Themselves

Press Release

South Plainfield, NJ: July 10, 2021 –When chiropractor Joseph D. D’Agostini gets to work on a patient, he adopts a three-point approach – superior treatment, education and satisfaction!


With 30 years of experience, the South Plainfield, NJ chiropractor has adapted his skills to offer tailored treatments to take the pain and discomfort often felt in the back and neck.


Dr D’Agostini offers not only top-tier chiropractic treatments but also acupuncture and physical therapy, with all their services completely 100% non-surgical.


The South Plainfield, NJ, clinic can help relieve the pain from arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, herniated disc, Scoliosis, car accident injuries, and general muscle pain and headaches.They also accept auto/workers compensation and major medical insurance.


“If you live within South Plainfield and in pain, then we’re definitely the chiropractor near you that can offer the best in non-surgical solutions to alleviate your discomfort,” commented Dr D’Agostini. “You can trust us to get you back in motion.”


The chiropractor, who has been in business since 1992, focuses on a patient’s needs, examining and diagnosing them in a specific hands-on manner.


“We can provide customized treatment to their individual conditions using diagnostic techniques such as physical exams or medical imaging technologies like x-rays,” added Dr D’Agostini.


“We also emphasize health-related choices for patients that include dieting and exercise recommendations based on what is best suited to each person individually.”


The South Plainfield centre is staffed by bilingual staff and is open Monday-Friday: 10am–7pm, Saturday: 10am–1pm, and closed Sundays. Their services have also garnered five-star reviews from patients who recommend them.


To book an appointment or if you require further information, call the centre on: (908) 757-0377, or email: [email protected] View their full scope of services at: https://dagostinichiropractic.com/.


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