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    We understand Asset Finance can be vital for a corporate business to grow successfully.

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    In order to be successful it makes sense to partner and work with the best available resources. Challis Capital provides not only deep understanding of the property market along with unrivalled access to capital, but also experience.

    The way to use Capital is to preserve it.Challis Capital has the deep understanding of financial markets and instruments that corporates rely on to make the big decisions they need to on financing growth, infrastructure and expansion.No matter how complex your project, our experienced teams will welcome the opportunity to develop your Asset Finance solutions.

    We understand Asset Finance can be vital for a corporate business to grow successfully.

    At Challis Capital, our mission is to fuel your business growth by developing, and delivering, industry leading Asset Finance solutions.

    We like complexity, we are at home with it – we welcome it.

    We can also unlock assets hidden in you balance sheet with our sale & leaseback products.

    How Asset Finance supports your business

    • Enables you to preserve capital and generate income from your new assets while paying for them
    • Provides flexible funding profiles, so you can match repayments to your cashflow cycles and streamline your finances
    • Alleviates the risk and responsibility of ownership

    Asset Finance is versatile- you can fund the purchase of a wide range of assets essential to your business and growth potential.

    It’s prudent- you avoid paying cash outright for key growth assets. You can ease your cashflow through regular payments over an agreed period.

    To discuss your asset finance needs, visit our website https://www.challiscapital.com.au/solutions/asset-finance/ or contact us today on our email address [email protected]

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