eSee-N-Read™ – An Electronic Reading Tool



The release discusses about eSee-N-Read, an electronic reading tool by See-N-Read Reading Tools. It also highlights other tools provided by the company.

Press Release

Aurora, IL/2018: Increased awareness about reading deficiencies in children has resulted in extensive research and consequently the creation of easy to use intervention methods to improve reading, learning, thinking and study skills for all age-groups. See-N-Read Reading Tools is committed towards providing practical and affordable learning tools to its clients.

The learning tools help children regain confidence in their ability to read and succeed at school. The tools help readers track, visually process, comprehend and be fluent so as to develop a love for learning and reading.


• This electronic reading tool is meant to improve the online reading process of readers.
• It highlights key texts in order to keep the reader focused and avoid getting distracted.
• eSee-N-Read also benefits instructors and presenters by making it easier for them to keep audiences engaged and focused on key information and reducing distractions.
• The tools are compatible with computer projection devices and white boards.

Why Choose Them?

• A research-based and classroom-tested approach is followed.
• The intervention methods used are proven and easy to use.
• Suitable for all ages.
• Foster concentration, tracking and learning strategies.
• Multi-user licenses for corporate and educational use.
• Great customer service for technical issues.

Key Highlights Of The Tool

• Specially designed to help students build skills like faster reading speed, fluency, better spelling, comprehension, vocabulary and organization of key information.
• Improvement in capabilities such as eye control and visual processing.
• Reduces word and line skipping.
• Improves written spelling and vocabulary skills.
• Help in the development of disciplined study methods.
• Students can make notes, highlight or underline an important point without losing track of the line.

Other Tools

• See-N-Read
• MemoryMarkTM
• See-N-SpellTM
• ColorTAGTM

For more information about See-n-Read Reading Tools, feel free to call at (630) 236-5592 or visit 2533 Sutton Lane/Aurora, IL 60502-9461. You can also log on to their website