Emergency Dental Care In Austin, TX



The release discusses emergency dental care provided at Enamel Dentistry, a dental clinic based in Austin, TX. It also highlights the benefits of getting emergency dental care from them.

Press Release

Austin, TX/2018: Time is precious when it comes to dental emergencies because if proper treatment is provided at the right time then further complications can be prevented. Common dental emergencies comprise of toothaches, broken teeth, loose teeth, abscesses, gum injuries, lost crowns or fillings, chipped teeth etc. Enamel Dentistry a dental clinic in Austin, TX strives to deal with dental emergencies in the most efficient and painless way with the help of its advanced technologies.

Situated right in the heart of Austin, on the bottom floor of Cielo building, they offer a variety of services such as Invisalign, Preventative Dentistry, Sleep Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Emergency Dentistry. Emphasis is laid on providing comfort to the patient above all else. Their aim is to provide top flight quality of care. To cater to dental emergencies, walk-ins are allowed at all times when the clinic is open.

Highlights Of Enamel Dentistry

• Efforts are made to offer same day treatment to patients with emergency dental issues.
• Affordable prices.
• Friendly and dedicated team.
• Complimentary beverages and an office tour on the first visit for familiarizing the client with the clinic.
• Provision of amenities such as coffee, warm scented towels, heated neck pillows, blankets, water, phone chargers, headphones etc.
• A personal entertainment system as per personal tastes of the client inclusive of Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Pandora.
• Customized dental overall health care plans for clients and their family members.
• Utilization of cutting edge technology in the form of digital X-rays that emit significantly less radiation, panoramic X-rays, intra-oral cameras for high quality pictures of teeth.
• Professional and well qualified doctors.

Other Services

• Oral cancer screening
• Oral surgery
• Gum health assessment
• Fluoride application
• Preventative dentistry
• Restorative dentistry comprising of fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, removable prosthesis, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry inclusive of teeth whitening, veneers, etc.
• Help clients in processing and managing insurance claims with the help of a highly trained & experienced team

For more information about dental services at Enamel Dentistry, visit 2717 S Lamar Blvd # 1086 Austin, TX 78704 or call at (512) 717-5315. You can also log on to http://www.enameldentistry.com