eLuminous Technologies is gearing up for the Digital Game and Its Contributions are Worth the Mention



eLuminous technologies have become a household name in the digital market for its contribution in the field of digital media. The services that they provide to their clients are superficial in every possible way and the customer satisfaction level is at par with the other technology giants in the business.

Press Release

What are the services that eLuminous technologies have on offer for a digital media client?

Well, they have an expertise in all the major niche of the digital marketing endeavour like web hosting and e-commerce amongst others, but their primary client exposure lies in doing SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), email marketing, conversion optimization and PPC (pay per click), etc. They have a team of expert SEO consultants, digital marketers, social media handlers to take care of all the needs of their clients. For this Digital Marketing Solution company, client satisfaction matters the most and so they take up honest reviews and feedback of their services from their clients or business partners to build a stronger companionship. 

How the client handling team works and after-sales services are sorted in eLuminous technologies?

The expert team that this company has employed are amongst the best in the market to answer a client’s queries related to anything digital. The 24×7 help that they tend to lend to even their non-clients proves that they are dedicated to building connections, not just making profits. The issues, if any, are solved within a shorter span of time and the goal towards achieving customer satisfaction is fulfilled enthusiastically. They have got many big famed clients from all over the world with a different time zone but they are willingly active to help them anytime of the day.

A short briefing about their services:

The SEO category that they have an expertise includes white label SEO techniques, which has demands in high lengths in the digital market. Other than that they focus on ‘lead generation’, ‘custom social media branding solutions’, ‘dedicated key account manager’, have certified Google experts on board and targets a keyword rich PPC service to flourish in the tech category. Their email marketing is not so clichéd and promotional always; instead, they are user-friendly and non-approaching at the very first reach. Their presence in social media platforms should be praised, as all the social media handles are updated rationally and walk hand in hand with the latest trends in the digital market.

And to end with…

eLuminous technologies was a vision that Mr. Sandeep Aher and Mr. Hrushikesh Wakadkar determined to achieve in the digital marketing sector. It was not a cake walk in the beginning; they had their shares of ups and downs when they started off as small time marketers. Back then, their client handling team was also not at large and the background office was also short of space to flourish properly in the business.