Educational Requirement For Being A Dietitian



Dietitians are the persons who have the knowledge of diets and foods, and how it affects our health.

Press Release

Dietitians are the persons who have the knowledge of diets and foods, and how it affects our health. He/she provides advice for proper diet, its nutritional value and foods needed for overall health. Work of dietitians is not only related to weight loss but they can deal with health-related issues and illnesses. Also, they can provide advice to diabetic people, people having coeliac disease and many more. Dietitians can advice regarding how to achieve general good health, and to combat medical conditions and diseases.

Experienced dietitians can manage food sensitivities, and intolerances and allergies, they can help in achieving dietary balance. Dietary intake for weight loss or weight gain, constipation, diarrhea can also be modified with the help of dietitian. They can advise you for treatment of nutrient deficiencies, and required nutrition for wound healing and surgery recovery. Management of eating disorders, nutrition for mental health, mental stress, anxiety and depression are few of the problems which can also be handled by dietitian. Dietitian’s work is to deal with people of all age groups either in group or individually. They work with healthy as well as sick people.

Dietitians are employed in hospitals, community health organizations and OPDs. Few dietitian are self-employed, while few of other work in private healthcare sectors. Dietitian also has scope in sports or media, government or non-government organizations. To become a qualified dietitian, one has to complete an approved degree in dietetics, which is having a duration of three or four years. The minimum required qualification is BSc in dietetics, otherwise a bachelors degree in science and a post graduate diploma will also be sufficient to qualify as a dietitian.

If you are resident of Brisbane and want to consult a dietitian, you should search for dietitian in Brisbane. A good dietitian should have skills to explain the matter in understandable way. He/she should be confident mature and caring, and should have the capability to interact with people in well behaved manner, even if the people are from any background. Dietitians should have strong communication skills along with sensitivity and empathy.