DryShield to Provide Cost-Effective Solutions for Leaky Basement



DryShield is providing cost-effective solutions for leaky basement.

Press Release

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 26 April 2019 — DryShield, a Toronto based waterproofing company, is offering cost-effective solutions for leaky basement. Their technicians conduct comprehensive basement inspection so as to determine the actual cause(s) of water leakage in the basement and propose the most appropriate and effective solution to deal with the problem. They are proficient in installing drain tile and sump pump in basement, repairing cracks in poured concrete basement walls, installing basement window wells and do basement waterproofing.

Leaking basement is not something to underestimate and neglect. Water leakage in basement could cause damage to appliances and goods kept in the space, promote mould and mildew growth, peel paint and/or could lead to structural damage. It’s essential to determine the cause/source of leak and thereafter take appropriate measures to stop it.

The situation could be due to various factors such as clogged gutters, inadequate landscaping, levelled landscaping, fractured pipes, faulty sump pump, faulty washing machine, broken water heater, downspouts not extended or directed properly away from the building, sewage backup, leaking water taps, window wells not draining properly, improper drainage , cracks in basement walls, etc. Excessive water pressure from exterior might as well lead to the situation. That could be the circumstance in case water is leaking from walls.

Cracks in basement walls are usually formed due to thermal movement, drying shrinkage, settling and additional causes. After a while, minor cracks could expand and result in undesired situations, such as water leakage, leaking basement wall, etc. Subsequent to the formation of crack in poured concrete basement wall it’s probable for water to seep in the basement through the crack.

DryShield’s technicians resort to a cost-effective and quite effective solution for repairing both structural and leaking cracks in poured concrete basement walls. They carry out low pressure concrete crack injection. The concept behind the technique is to inject a liquid polymer (generally epoxy or two-part polyurethane foam) into the crack. The technique lets the material to go all over the crack and effectually fill it after curing.

In the situation of leaking basement, it is a good option to hire a professional waterproofing contractor such as DryShield. DryShield’s technicians carry out full basement inspection. They determine the actual cause/source of the leakage and thereafter suggest the most suitable and optimal solution to deal with the situation.

About the company
DryShield is a Toronto based waterproofing company with considerable amount of experience and expertise in the domain. The company is committed to providing most optimal, advanced and effective waterproofing solutions as well as great customer service to its customers.

Nathan Thava
Toronto, Canada