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Doodeo helps to hire top-rated musicians, DJs, bands, photographers and speakers for your special event. & Kids parties, weddings, trade shows and more.

Press Release

Doodeo an online platform for hiring artists, is launched recently in Los Angeles, United States.

With a massive list of Singer, Pianist, DJ, Jazz Band, Magician and more, Doodeo is one of a kind online platform to showcase & discover Artists across USA & abroad. With Doodeo, you can find any kind of Artist worldwide with a click of a button.

Doodeo started back last year in November 29, 2018 redefines how artists from all disciplines meet, connect and network with colleagues and artist-seekers. Now forget about those typical Google searches for enquiring about the booking for your favourite artist. Doodeo offers you a single online platform that gathers a wide variety of actors, performers, musicians, chefs, comedians, singers and other professionals together for the first time in one place.

Categories You can Choose to Hire from


  • Actor impersonators
  • Actors
  • Actress impersonators
  • Actresses
  • Child Actors
  • Child Actresses
  • Comedian impersonators
  • Look-Alikes
  • Narrators
  • Political impersonator
  • Singer impersonators
  • Sound-Alikes
  • Sport impersonators
  • Storytellers
  • Stunt Performers
  • Voice Actors
  • Magicians
  • DJs
  • Bands/Groups
  • Makeup Stylist
  • Hair Stylist

How Doodeo is Different from Traditional Artist Booking

Doodeo is the only social media platform geared specifically toward artists and performers, as well as their clients. Stop wasting your precious time searching to book an Artist/ Actor/ Actress for your special events or occasion. If you are a potential artist-seeker, you can discover through the various listings on the site. Whereas the artists seeking to join Doodeo should display their skills to attain access to a central platform where audience can see them and make a selection.

Artists can also search for various gigs, network with colleagues, advertise their skills and reach out to artist-seekers in a streamlined way that is wholly unique. Similarly, artist-seekers can look at targeted searches, compare the experience and qualifications between listings to ensure they hire the exact artist as per their requirement.

How to Look for Your Desired Artist?

In case you are facing difficulty using this online platform then you may contact us. Searching & Booking your favourite artist is just a click away. All you need to do is entering the category you are searching and then adding the country of your search. For instance: If you are looking for a “comedian” in “Los Angeles, California”, ┬ájust enter both these categories thereon. Doodeo will provides a list of professionals who match this description given by you. After the search result appears, you can read or compare through potential artists’ bios, experiences and portfolios and choose the one you really need.

About Doodeo

Doodeo-the home of All Artists, allows you to book Your Favorite Artist, DJ, Bands, Makeup, Hair Stylist in New York, Los Angeles, USA.