Does Teeth Tartar Removal Hurt Teeth?



    Teeth tartar removal is not only harmful to the gums and tooth tissues but also a suitable area for gathering bacteria which cause tooth decay. The Emergency dentist reduces the number of such bacteria by using teeth tartar removal.

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    Some people mistakenly think that their teeth are shaved because of their sensitivity to cold or hot, while the mechanism of teeth tartar removal machine is vibration and is not capable of shaving the teeth.The tartar on the tooth acts as a thermal insulator or in other words, prevents tooth sensation due to its thickness. When the tartar is removed, it is clear that the tooth is better aware of the heat changes. Also, the tartar causes swollen gums, and with the teeth tartar removal, the inflammation is removed, so the teeth are seen longer than before, so the teeth will be more sensitive. Tooth sensitivity to cold is temporary.

    Loose Tooth in Result of Teeth Tartar Removal

    By gradual gathering of teeth tartar, the gum tissue and also the bone which was used to keep the tooth is destroyed. That is why the tooth has already been loosening. But the patient is unaware of it due to the gathering of tartars and the teeth clinging together. By teeth tartar removal, the patient mistakenly thinks his or her tooth becomes loose due to teeth tartar removal. 

    Is Teeth Tartar Removal Painful?

    No, there is no need for tooth numbness during teeth tartar removal. The teeth tartar removal is done either by hand brushes or by machine in the dental clinic. The tip of the pen vibrates and removes the teeth tartar by using short strokes on the tartar; it does not shave the tooth. The water of the machine also cools the teeth in addition to cleaning and washing.

    How Often Is Teeth Tartar Removal Needed?

    Many people once have their teeth tartar removed, by having good oral hygiene do not need teeth whitening and teeth tartar removal again. Poor oral hygiene will lead to teeth tartar. Also, some patients have salvia with specific features that are likely to gather tartar. These groups of patients are recommended to have shorter regular visits to the dentist. 

    Anti-Tartar Toothpaste

    If the tooth tartar is not removed by tooth brushing, you should visit dentists to remove it. Also, toothpaste, which has been introduced as an anti-tartar, has a large number of abrasives. It also cleans only the stains on the teeth. They are not recommended for regular use. These kinds of toothpaste, due to their high grinders, cause fine scratches on the surface of the teeth and provide the basis for enormous gathering and adhesion of the microbial plaque.