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Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy is abbreviated as C-PACE. However, C-PACE stands for much more. It is a simple and successful approach for county governments to generate employment, retain companies, and maintain money in the local economy without raising taxes — just by assisting in improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.


C-PACE is a government program that holds commercial energy projects, such as installing solar equipment or updating a building’s heat recovery system, to the same standard as sewers, roads, and bridges. C-PACE allows counties to collaborate with private capital providers to provide upfront financing to commercial property owners for qualified repair projects, with repayment collected through yearly or semi-annual surcharges on the property’s tax bill.


Commercial PACE financing makes a building more appealing to renters and, as a result, more valuable by cutting its energy costs. And there are no upfront expenditures with C-PACE: C-PACE pays for the whole project and is returned by the surcharge over 20+ years. Furthermore, the owner can sell the property, classify all expenses as operational, and pass the costs on to renters.

C-PACE is offered in over thirty states nationwide. Colorado C-PACE is viewed as an important component of many county governments’ ongoing efforts to promote economic growth and safeguard the environment. is a national leader in the C-PACE industry, specializing in long-term C-PACE state financing for commercial property owners wishing to cut energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase property values. The senior management team has decades of executive-level experience in commercial lending and structured finance, as well as long-standing institutional investor relationships. They can close transactions in qualifying C-PACE markets around the country because of billions of dollars in committed funding.

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