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St. Louis, Missouri: Vehicle owners looking to upgrade their cars and trucks with LED lighting solutions will be well pleased with the catalog that waits for them at DiodeDynamics.com, the producer of the best-performing, high-quality, most user friendly automotive lighting products in the industry. They offer the best in class LED lighting products for cars and trucks, including but not limited to auxiliary lighting, fog lights, side marker lamps, turn signals, tail lights, brake lights, interior lights, accent lights like Demon Eyes, and much more.

Visitors to Diode Dynamics’ online store will not simply be well-received by a complete catalog of LED lighting solutions for their vehicles, as Diode Dynamics’ value proposition extends far beyond the scope of its catalog. Diode Dynamics offers solutions for nearly any aspect of your vehicle’s lighting, but they take service a step further through their commitment to research, development and continuous improvement.

Many otherwise conscientious car and truck owners would make the switch over to LED lighting for their vehicles if only it were more approachable. LEDs are well known for the advantages they provide over traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. They have much longer lifespans, are less draining on the vehicle’s battery and electrical system, are much tougher than other bulbs, require no warm up period, and are better for the environment. Unfortunately, however, many other producers don’t make it easy for their customers to go through with replacements.

Many other automotive LEDs require wiring expertise, and some of the mounts require owners to make modifications to their vehicles. Fortunately, many of Diode Dynamics’ LED automotive lights, like many of their fog lamps and LED off road lights and LED light bar kits, are plug and play solutions that will work with a vehicle’s current electrical infrastructure, without requiring modifications. In addition, many of them can be mounted in similar fashion.

Additionally, Diode Dynamics LED automotive lights are superior in performance, and not just in ease of use. Many of them make use of Diode Dynamics’ proprietary TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Optics, that direct and focus all of the light output exactly where you need it. They are offered in a variety of beam patterns and colors in addition to white light, and are resistant to moisture intrusion, corrosion, and even vibration. Customers looking for anything from a Jeep light bar to a simple replacement for their tail lights will be well served by Diode Dynamics commitment to quality and performance.

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