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Cassini launches Learning & Development solutions for DAPs to bridge the gap between Complex Enterprise Applications and End-users

Press Release

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Pune, Maharashtra, India.- July 13, 2021. Cassini, a fast-growing start-up focused on building products around the Procure To Pay business process and Rebate Management has launched its Learning and Development Solutions for Digital Adoption Platforms. 

In today’s competitive environment, companies have been constantly transforming themselves to stay abreast and ensure market leadership.  This has called for adopting new market strategies and doing away with the old. The need for scaling the organizational workforce in enabling them to work effectively and efficiently in the changing environment has become of prime importance. More so with the pandemic playing havoc, businesses are reallocating funds for digital platform adoption.

Speaking at the launch of the new service, Nayan Kurup  Founder said that “We at Cassini are excited at the business opportunity that Digital Adoption provides with tools like SAP Enable Now. Cassini has been engaged with a few customers and provides Digital Platform Adoption Services under its “Probe Digital” offering.  Our proprietary framework SCIL-ME, built on the knowledge and expertise of our consultants, accelerates Digital Content delivery that is robust, contextual, local language enabled, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

Based on our experience we believe that organizations that are adopters of DAP can leverage the benefits in creating a workplace where the workforce is ready to embrace the changing needs of the marketplace and empowered to deliver their tasks with confidence and improved productivity.”
DAPs offer step-by-step guidance, support, change communication, and data management solutions. It is all done without getting into complex coding and designing he added.

About Cassini

Founded in 2018, Cassini is a leading global provider of innovative Products and Consulting Services in the Pricing and Procure-To-Pay domain. With strong expertise in Procurement and Pricing, Cassini’s product caters to an end-to-end procurement process transformation through process data mining enablement and Digital Platform Adoption. In addition, Cassini also provides services around Rebates and Incentive Management, which are product agnostic, leveraging its proprietary AI-based product RHEA to improve the effectiveness of rebate programs while providing a platform to manage complex rebate programs for both, Vendors and Customers. These products, coupled with Cassini’s Virtuous Consulting paradigm, can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP and can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud, providing for flexibility, ease of use, and minimal business interventions thereby driving the need for adoption of these solutions.