Denver Roofers at RME Offer Exciting New Service



Denver Roofers at RME Offer Exciting New Service

Press Release

Denver, CO – Premier roofing company RME Denver Roofers has unveiled plans to offer a new service for partial weather damaged Colorado homes.


With more than 3,000 roofing projects completed, the experienced team behind RME Denver Roofers is now rolling out its new service for roofing repairs and maintenance on homes with minor hail storm damage.


Instead of replacing the whole roof, the roofing company can repair or provide maintenance for the hail damage.


Unfortunately, hail is very common! Colorado residents can usually count on three or four catastrophic hailstorms a year. And in the last ten years, hailstorms have caused more than $5 billion in insured damage in Colorado!


It’s another assured, excellent service in a wide-ranging portfolio from RME Denver Roofers for residential, commercial and multifamily projects. They specialize in insurance claims and can handle any scope or type of project. 


“We know the best products and processes to keep your home and family safe,” said business founder Ben Lalka. “Our new service will carry the same guaranteed approach –to provide every customer with an experience they can brag about. 


“Our passion for customer service is rooted in a deep commitment to protecting and supporting our local community. From the smallest repair to a total roof replacement and everything in between.”


With years of experience, they know exactly what to look for when inspecting a home for damage. They have incredibly high standards for the quality of work they deliver as well as communications and clean-up.


The company assigns a field supervisor to be on-site every day for every project. This position provides an extra layer of supervision that is very rare in the roofing industry. Not only will this make the project run smoother, but it will be more proactive, accurate and provide extra peace of mind for the customer.


RME’s services have already received five-star ratings from satisfied customers. Ted M commented: “From beginning to end, communication and follow up was tremendous. The crew assigned to us were punctual and efficient, with great attention to detail. We’d definitely recommend Rocky Mountain.”


If you want to book an appointment, a quote or to obtain more details:


Call: (303) 322-3208

Email: [email protected]