Dental Care In Austin, TX



The release discusses dental care services offered by Enamel Dentistry, a dental clinic based in Austin, TX.

Press Release

Austin, TX/2018 – The advancement of technology and growing awareness among people has made dental care a much sought after experience. Good dental health is critical and must be taken care of right from childhood. Enamel Dentistry, in Austin, TX provides dental care services with an aim to make dental experience smooth & comfortable for their patients.

It is located in the center of Austin on the ground floor of Cielo building. Amenities such as warm towels, coffee, heated neck pillows and personal entertainment system as per the patient’s interest (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora) are offered to make them feel comfortable and enjoy the dental procedure. A comfort menu comprising of items such as water, beer, wine, phone chargers, headphones and scented towels is offered to patients.

Dental Care Provided At The Clinic

• Preventative Dentistry: Involves oral cancer screening, assessment of gum health & caries, fluoride application and checking for TMJ abnormalities.
• Restorative Dentistry: This involves procedures used to reshape, restore the functioning of a tooth/teeth, filling cavities, implants, bridges, endodontics, etc. Proper care is taken and the latest restorative techniques are used.
• Cosmetic Dentistry: This comprises of teeth whitening and using veneers to transform stained, cracked, chipped and crooked teeth.
• Sedation: The dental clinic specializes in sedation dentistry to ensure the patient is completely relaxed while a dental procedure is on. Nitrous Oxide is extremely safe and used on kids to help them accomplish their dental goals without any pain and anxiety. Oral sedation can be used alternatively prior to the dental appointment.
• Invisalign: Those not very fond of using braces can get Invisalign aligners fixed for an invisible effect. They are removable, easy to clean and come with no dietary restrictions.
• Sleep Dentistry: This treats snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
• Emergency Dentistry: Enamel dentistry ensures emergency treatment. Advanced technologies are used for correct diagnosis. This helps in choosing the best treatment option within the shortest amount of time. The services are provided for issues such as toothaches, chipped teeth, loose teeth, gum injuries, abscesses etc.

For more information about Enamel Dentistry, visit 2717 S Lamar Blvd #1086 Austin, TX 78704 or call at (512) 717-5315. You can also log on to