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Darcy’s Floor Polishing offers quality floor polishing in Palm Beach at a surprisingly affordable price.

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Rooms can look elegant in a lot more ways than you think. It’s not necessary to have an antique full-sized vase lying around the corner of the room or a 100$ royal painting hanging on the wall, to make the room appear rich and new-like rather with simple floor polishing one can make the entire house look excellent. To know better how to polish your house floor read down the post below and get acknowledged.

Floor Polishing Guide for Every Floor Type

  1. For Marble floor

Gently rub on the floor stains with a sponge damp in mild soap and rinse it thoroughly. You may also use an alternative to this which is poultice.

Once the cleaning is done, next comes the main part i.e. polishing. Although floor polishing is not a difficult task yet it involves a few ingredients if done by hand. With 3tbs of baking soda with 1quart of water removes all the stains off the marble floor and leaves a perfect shine. Simply, make sure to leave the floor untouched for the next 5 hours after cleaning.

  1. For Resilient/Vinyl floor

As far as the rock and marble floors are concerned, the artificially made vinyl floor also known as resilient floors can be easily polished using a simple solution, water-based acrylic polish & cleaner. Mop the floor using this cleaner or you may even gradually spray the polish over the floor. Depending on your floor thickness you may need to apply 3-5 coats of acrylic polish for the desired level of shine.

  1. For Concrete floors

Concrete floors are more vulnerable to dust and dirt than marble or vinyl floors, which demands a thorough dusting or brushing before polishing.

[Expert Tip: For easy cleaning of the concrete floors for polishing use ‘vacuum machine’ to suck or remove all the stubborn dust particles which might not be visible to the naked eyes]

Once the dust and dirt are removed now proceed to make the home-made polish. Take a bucket of warm water and mix 4-5 caps of polish-floor cleaner or if not available you may also use mild detergent instead. Mix well and risen the floor with the solution thoroughly, using a soft floor cleaning brush.

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Darcy’s Floor Polishing offers quality floor polishing in Palm Beach at a surprisingly affordable price. Through their top-notch service, they breathe new life to the floor and yield exceptionally excellent results. To avail of the service, visit the website today.

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