Custom Hair By Catherine Suggests the Following tips Before Buying Hair Extensions in NYC



Custom Hair by Catherine, providing hair extensions that are custom-made to look and feel like natural hair, explains useful tips to consider before buying hair extensions near me in NYC.

Press Release

(Manhattan, NYC, 19th September 2018) – Hair extensions are not just about adding length or fullness, you can also wear them to experiment with different hair styling options. Therefore, Custom Hair By Catherine discusses a few helpful tips that you need to consider before purchasing hair extensions in NYC.

Consider your lifestyle– Do you want to deal with maintenance appointments or have a removable type of hair extension you can do yourself?

Custom Hair By Catherine offers four different methods of hair extensions to accommodate different types of hair and situations. There are three different textures and any color combination can be blended to match your hair. A consultation is required to determine what would work best and be the safest for your own hair.

If you want to add length, volume, or fill out broken pieces of hair, permanent attached methods such as Tape In’s and Sew-In’s are a good solution. They require-maintenance every 5-8 weeks depending on your own hair. You will get a perfectly integrated and undetectable result.

Another option is Hair Wire Halo hair extensions that are custom made to match your hair color and sized to fit your head. Another unique type of hair extension is ponytail hair extensions that are sized to fit around your ponytail so that they don’t slide off, are not too thick, and your natural hair blends in.

Choose the right color match – The color should match the ends of your hair not the roots and should match exactly. Ombre effects can also be created when matching your hair color.

Regular care and maintenance – Like your natural hair, extensions require cleaning and maintenance. Your stylist will recommend a high-quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and go over the easiest way to wash and condition them. As your hair grows, regular maintenance to remove and re-place the extensions closer to your scalp is necessary.

Understand what is involved with getting hair extensions– It is important to follow your maintenance instructions to keep your own hair healthy. You will need to use the recommended products and maintain them within the recommended time frames. You can’t take extensions that were meant for six weeks and wear them for four months.

The perfect way to avoid damage is to be gentle with them. You also want to make sure that you are using a method that is compatible with your hair. Some people should only use removable extensions if their own hair is too fragile.