Custom Hair By Catherine Offers Damage free Hair Extensions in New York



Custom Hair By Catherine offers the best quality hair extensions in New York that are custom made to enhance your appearance without damaging your hair.

Press Release

Custom Hair By Catherine, a hair solution specialist in Manhattan, New York City, offers custom designed hair extensions in New York to enhance your look while maintaining your hair health. These hair extensions are made of top quality real human hair and custom-crafted specifically for you. While available in Sew in, Tape in, Weave, Clip-on, Halo, and Ponytails, Custom Hair By Catherine’s hair extensions will never look “fake” at all. These hair extensions match your hair color, texture and style perfectly, lasting for months. No matter whether you have short, frizzy, damaged, thin or dull hair, Custom Hair By Catherine assures you will have the perfect hair extensions in New York to fit your head size and blend properly for color, density, and texture. They will also add hair volume and/or length.

Hair extensions are no doubt a mix of several groundbreaking techniques that can be used independently or in a combination to add thickness and length to your current hair.  Custom Hair By Catherine provides custom made hair extensions that cause no or little damage to the New York client’s own hair when maintained properly. Quality and care for the hair extension and improving the client’s own hair health at the same time are atop priority.

Custom Hair By Catherine ensures professional application of custom quality hair extensions through a knowledgeable professional who specializes in different kinds of hair extensions, methods, and options. With her service, you can be free from the risk of hair damage caused by poor quality or wrongly applied hair extensions. From saving you from buying substandard hair extensions online or visiting a local salon that doesn’t specialize in them, Custom Hair By Catherine’s hair extensions in New York will help you get a no damage solution for enhancing your hair.

“As an experienced stylist of 25 years who is efficient in selecting and installing different kinds of hair extensions, clients feel confident with the results. Being made of high quality human hair, our hair extensions look gorgeous and perform the best in the long run with proper care,” said Catherine from Custom Hair By Catherine.

If you are interested in non-damaging hair extensions methods or services in New York, Custom Hair By Catherine’s best quality hair extensions should be given a try. You can definitely keep your hair healthy without undergoing dryness, breakage or damage. To schedule a consultation for hair extensions in New York, call us at 917-482-6493