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Vspagy is a well-established Video production company that helps companies to accelerate their customer engagement by incorporating advanced interactivity and data driven personalization to videos. This company is considered to be pioneers in video personalization and rendering technology in India, and has helped several brands to individualize their customer communication and elevate brand affinity via video marketing. Vspagy platform allows businesses to competently transform marketing communication and drive revenue with the strategic use of interactive videos across multiple channels like social media, mobile app, WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS. The key goal of this company is to deliver innovative video solutions that drive customer experience, and adds a much needed humane touch to enterprise communication.

Vspagy is a company of visual content creators, and they capitalize on the power of video content to generate, repurpose and iterate a spectrum of visual assets. They plan and develop videos that effectively align with the creativity, costs, and marketing objectives of their clients. Vspagy platform is characterized as a lean, mean content generating machine that supplies clients with a constant stream of visual content for their communications. Video personalization made possible through Vspagy allows their clients to reach a broader target audience. These videos are able to hold the attention of people for longer, make them feel like a part of the story, and provide them a distinctive sense of authenticity about the brand that they are interacting with. Such videos prove to be highly efficient for enhancing customer experience, and can allow brands to acquire valuable insights into different markets and consumer groups.

To get in touch with Vspagy, give them a call at +91-120-4121301.

About the company:

Vspagy is the next-generation technology initiative of Acadian Technologies Private Limited.  Acadian Technologies was established in March 2019, its flagship product Vspagy- a video conversational platform was launched in July of the same year.