Cove River Ranch Offers the finest Rainbow Trout in Utah



Cove River Ranch is the oldest fish hatchery in Utah, offering best rainbow trout since 1910.

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Cove River Ranch, a commercial fish farm, offers the finest rainbow trout with a single focus of growing trout. They maintain own hatchery, raceway and have their own lakes and rivers to ensure that they provide highest quality trout.

In Utah fish stocking, there is a science to it that have to be heeded. It is a different story when you had a bowl at your home and subjectively dumped in pet shop figured they would get along. There are number of factors that are considered as lake supervision biologists arrange to stock a lake, and it is powerfully advised to check with professionals so that your water property remains in best condition.

In stocking the size of your lake plays very important role. Fish need good environment and room to move, relax and breathe, and if the lake is small then it may be inadequate to the types of fish you can keep.

At Cover River Ranch, all the factors including the type and size of fish, the way they eat needs to be determined in order to preserve that healthy balance of aquatic life as well as lake environment. Meet with a reputable lake management company to discuss how you can properly stock your lake.

Their live trout for sale are all sterile females in accordance with the state laws of Utah. They buy only licensed, disease-free eggs from the largest producer, Trout Lodge in Washington State. Their mission is to invest in the future and they believe that aquaculture can only flourish if they combine deep industry knowledge and bond with their clients and continuous do research. As a result they keep bringing new ideas, developing innovative products and seek improvements to offer to their customers the highest performance as well as productivity.

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About Cove River Ranch

Cove River Ranch is the largest and leading privately owned and operated hatchery in Utah. They grow and deliver the live trophy trout to private lake as well as pond owners, state agencies and private fishing clubs.

Their hatchery sits at the top of 6 pristine clear water springs that give approximately 52 degree water year all around. Without any upstream pollution and pesticides used, these clear springs have been growing attractive trout since 1910.

Contact Information

833-278-7688 (833-CRTROUT)

202 N. West Haven Lane, Richfield, Utah 84701