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Professional legal assistance for everything ranging from normal legal formalities such as drafting leases or wills to dispute resolution in divorce and immigration cases is offered by qualified solicitors of Abbey Law Firm in St Albans.

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St Albans is home to Abbey Law Firm run by qualified solicitors specialising in various fields of law. Family law solicitors are available to handle divorce and separation cases. The solicitors seek to resolve disputes in divorce cases pertaining to division of assets and rights over children either through mutual consent by negotiations or court order. Financial relief cases are also taken up by the law firm to protect the financial interests of clients in the event of divorce. Cohabitation agreements and pre/post nuptial agreements are also negotiated and drafted by Abbey Law Firm.

Abbey Law Firm provides advice and assistance in immigration matters such as applying for permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain in UK, seeking asylum in UK and sponsor license applications to bring non-European staff in the country. The immigration solicitors of the firm ensure that the clients comply with all the immigration laws. The legal firm also offers representation to people for appeals in immigration cases in tribunals and courts. The solicitors also have enough experience in appeals against Home Office decisions. Abbey Law Firm also offers assistance to apply for visas under various categories.

Litigation is another sphere of law in which Alban Law Firm operates. The firm has experienced solicitors to represent people who either want to file a litigation or need solid defence in a litigation case. Litigation can either concern a property or partnership. The solicitors seek to resolve the dispute through negotiations but contest the case in court when necessary. The ultimate aim is to secure a settlement or recovery for the client.

Abbey Law Firm smoothens the process of purchasing and selling both residential and commercial properties. The firm also manages negotiations between the owners of properties and tenants and drafts leases and rent agreements. Assistance is also provided to invest in properties.

Other services include drafting wills and power of attorneys, administration of a deceased’s estate including sale, inheritance tax planning and registration of charities.

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Address: 131, Hatfield Road St, Hertfordshire, AL1 4JS, UK