Come to ‘The Core’ where convenient luxury is waiting for you?



 Concept Capital under the dynamic and able leadership of its Director Mr Suninder Sandha is ready for a promising future.

Press Release

We always want the best for ourselves and our family. Sometimes we get what we want sometimes we don’t. This search is very much an ongoing one particularly when it comes to finding a perfect home in a residential avenue, which has to be nothing but the best. This search for a perfect home sometimes ends, sometimes can extend endlessly. Most of the residential avenues particularly in and around Delhi try to offer all the world class facilities and infrastructure, but sometimes that is also not sufficient, as needs vary from individual to individual.


What is required is a blend of strategic location, luxury and convenience. However there is no fixed   standardization of a luxurious, convenient and world class lifestyle which is acceptable to all concerned. However  there is one such world  class  luxurious  vision  which covers almost  all  the requirements . Concept Capital has now introduced ‘The Core’ the very essence of luxury and convenience. The Core offers strategic location, sprawling landscapes, well thought infrastructure and   the widest range of recreational avenues which can cater to every member of the resident’s family.

Mr Suninder Sandha is an eminent visionary, who has transformed his company Concept Capital from humble beginnings to making it a very prominent Real Estate company in terms of creation   of Architectural Symbols across Landscapes in Delhi and its surroundings. The work culture of Concept Capital under the leadership of Mr Suninder Sandha is to create  environment  friendly integrated townships which offer comprehensive infrastructure and facilities for  its residents in the residential avenues created Concept Capital.

Concept  Capital’s ‘The Core’ is situated on the NH 24 with close proximity to ABES Institute ,other commercial complexes and hub of  the city .Concept Capital ,a Real Estate Conglomerate of repute has a substantial  presence in and around Delhi  . Concept Capital has an impressive track record of completing its residential projects on time. This professional approach of Concept Capital has been very well appreciated by one and all.   Concept Capital under the dynamic and able leadership of its Director Mr Suninder Sandha is ready for a promising future.

So if you are looking for a complete world class lifestyle, then ‘The Core’ will be worth your while. ‘The Core’ represents the symbolic vision of Concept Capital which has been inculcated in the work culture of Concept Capital. This vision is to give maximum luxury and convenience to its residents at the most cost effective prices .