Cloud Computing Services by Network Repairs – Simple, Stable and Secure



Network Repairs provides cloud computing services in Brampton that are simple, stable and secure. Their cloud computing plans are affordable and customizable.

Press Release

The process of delivering or enabling salable and expandable software services by making use of internet technologies is known as cloud computing. Usually there are three types of cloud computing services known and these are:

  • Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS – IaaS provides business access to dynamic web architecture such as storage space, servers and connections without any need of purchasing and managing this infrastructure by the business on themselves.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – In case of PaaS clouds are created many times inside IaaS Clouds by specialists to extract the scalability and deployment of any insignificant application and to help make your expenditures scalable and predictable.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – SaaS is comparatively developed, and its use exists before that of cloud computing. Cloud applications allow the cloud to be leveraged for software architecture which further helps in reducing the burdens of maintenance, support, and operations by having the application run on computers belonging to the vendor.

The numerous benefits of cloud computing have made it popular among leading business houses. And Network Repairs knows that really well, hence, offers cloud computing services in Brampton and Mississauga. They provide typically four different types of cloud computing plans and these are N1 MS Profile which contains combination of Exchange Online and MS Office to choose from, N2 Basic containing 1TB cloud storage, file backup on cloud, 24/7/365 available service and additional off-site backup, N3 Premium containing file servers, remote server access, users setup, folder access control, your business application, 24/7/365 availability, daily backup – local/off-site and backup monitoring, N4 Pro which is a combination of N3 Premium with Office 365 E1 Included, 1hr Support /5 users /mo.and 35GB/User Cloud Storage.

“We take-over all maintenance, monitoring, and support. You just need internet and device and you can access files and apps from anywhere at any time. Instead of purchasing servers, firewalls, etc. to upgrade your network, you only need to pay flexible monthly fee. We will perform 24/7 monitoring, patching, and virus scan, as well as check backup files. We will create, monitor, manage and support your servers and applications with your profiles right on our cloud and operating system, providing a secure environment for you to work at a low monthly fee.” – says a spokesperson at Network Repairs.

About the Company

Network Repairs a Division of Pulse Tech Corp (a Brampton IT Company formed in 2001). They provide professional IT Solutions as well as hardware, software and customized IT services for GTA clients over 15 years. Their experienced and accomplished technical staff will keep your business network running with the best performance using the latest technology with quality hardware, software and on-time IT service.