Chefsnätverket Close Expands Their Focus Leadership Group to Luleå



After 18 years working in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö Chefsnätverket Close are now expanding to Norrland & Luleå.

Press Release

Chefsnätverket Close have been working to develop leadership skills for 18 years. After a long time working in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö they are now expanding to Norrland & Luleå.

This is a collaboration with Nordisk kompetens that has its head office in Luleå. Mariam Al-zamami, CEO of Nordisk kompetens, tells in the article from Norrbottens Affär that, I searched for the network that is best in Sweden. Close has been around for 18 years and I contacted Niklas Grewin at Close and thought it was something for Norrbotten. Now we will help Close to recruit members to the network.

About The Focus Leadership Groups

The focus leadership groups consist of managers and business executives from a number of different industries who all exercise and have a passion for leadership. One of the strongest reasons why the leadership group in Stockholm is so appreciated is that we build the entire business on dialogues between you and your colleagues in the group, and us who work at Close. Everyone who participates does so with the same attitude of openness, ready to discuss challenges and find solutions together.

What Do You Get?

* Modern skills development through discussions on a number of challenges and opportunities, with managers who have similar positions and thus knowledge in your area.
* Help solve specific problems or challenges you and your organization face.
* Priceless contacts like you are in place to give and get new approaches and ideas.
* Inspiration from renowned lecturers and knowledgeable leaders.

About Nordisk Kompetens

The strength of Nordisk Kompetens lies in our consultants and their collective knowledge of the world, industry-wide networking and knowledge of what is required for you to succeed in your rehabilitation or your job seeker. No matter which way you want to go, the support means that we are there, help you with your personal marketing and make sure that you are ready to find your way to your new job.