ChainUP Wallet Solution Explained by HiCoin Co-Founder, MingYuan Wang



ChainUP Wallet Solutions Provider Hicoin provides a true one-stop crypto wallet service solution that includes wealth management, mining, payments, e-commerce, OTC payments, porfolio replication and lending, amongst other functionalities.

Press Release

Singapore, March 24, 2020 — Co-Founder of HiCoin, ChainUP wallet solutions division, Mingyuan Wang, gave detailed insights into their wallet solution. ChainUP is a leading global blockchain technology service provider with well-developed blockchain solutions such as whitelabel crypto exchange, wallet and exchange liquidity solutions, to name a few.

HiCoin is the wallet solution for digital currencies and an asset management solutions provider.

Full-featured Wallet Solution

HiCoin focuses on blockchain wallet technology services and currently has an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Wallet as well as Cloud Wallet’s core products. It also has asset custody features – comprehensive payment, wallet with full functional features and other landing solutions, and also the ability to quickly build digital wallets and complete blockchain ecosystems for projects, exchanges, online e-commerce, physical enterprises, traditional users, small and medium blockchain enterprises, etc.

Currently the largest systems provider in the blockchain wallet industry, HiCoin was established two years ago, and has served more than 100 customers. It provides a full-featured wallet that includes digital currency applications such as wealth management, mining, payments, e-commerce, OTC payments, portfolio replication, lending, and other functionalities.

Focused on providing one-stop services for wallet customers, this year, HiCoin will be strengthening the functionality of its full-featured wallet while developing asset alliances and building up wallets as financial centers.

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