Cervical Cancer Screening Market, Global Forecast By Tests Pap Smear, HPV, DNA, VIA



Cervical Cancer Screening Market is expected to be USD 16.5 Billion by 2026. Global Forecast by Patients, Mortality, Tests (Pap Smear, HPV DNA, VIA), 19 Countries Analysis.

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Globally, cervical cancer is the most appearing cancer in women. Cervical cancer is most frequently diagnosed in women between the age of 35 and 44 with the average age of diagnosis being 50. In 2019, an estimated 283.15 Million women were diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide, and about 311,000 women died from the disease in 2018. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer prevailing in women and the seventh in terms of overall cancer incidences. There are three types of screening for identifying cervical cancer they are Pap Smear Tests, Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV) Tests and Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) Tests. These screenings are key factor anticipated to boost the number of screening tests over the forecast period. Effective primary (HPV vaccination) approach (testing and treating precancerous lesions) will prevent most cervical cancer cases. According to Renub Research report, Cervical Cancer Screening Market is expected to be USD 16.5 Billion by 2026.

This report provides 19 Countries cervical cancer market analysis & forecast with numbers of screening & Mortality. In the United States, the medical community has made great strides in preventing and controlling cervical cancer. The reasons that influence world market dominance are the presence of technological advancements in terms of new diagnostic equipment, diagnostic procedures, favorable government policies related to reimbursement and screening techniques are expected to have a positive impact on the market. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of female cancer deaths in low- and middle-income countries.

COVID-19 impacts Global Cervical Cancer Screening Industry

The cervical cancer screening declined to meager numbers due to pandemic coronavirus. Mostly non-urgent cervical cancer appointments have been cancelled in the wake of COVID-19. However, things started moving in the last two quarters, but it will not return to pre-COVID numbers this year. As preventive measures should put in place during the efforts of providing cervical cancer screening as directed by the health authorities. Read the complete analysis on how COVID-19 has affected the cervical cancer screening market and its future?

According to Renub Research report “Cervical Cancer Market, Patients, Mortality Global Forecast by Tests (Pap Smear, HPV DNA, VIA), 19 Countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia)”

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