Cell Tower Lease Consultants Can Provide Cell Tower Lease Buyout Information & Help With Negotiations



Without proper guidance, cell tower landlords tend to accept low-ball buyout offers. Cell tower lease consultants help landlords who are looking to get bought out for a fair price. To learn more, visit https://www.towergenius.com/.

Press Release

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Fort Walton Beach, FL ( epressrelease.org ) – Leasing land to a cell tower company may seem like a cash cow, but it’s not always smooth sailing. And when it comes time to renew a lease, a cell tower company may play hardball to make the lease more affordable on their end. This is where cell tower lease consultants come in to help landlords.

“Cell tower companies often do whatever they can to pay as little rent as possible, and in buyout situations they almost always offer a low-ball figure. Landlords are sometimes pressured into accepting these low-ball offers, figuring that reduced income is better than no income at all. In the end, if a cell tower company doesn’t want to pay a lot to maintain a cell tower on a plot of land, it’ll exhaust every tool in its toolbox to ensure this.” This coming from a spokesperson for Tower Genius, LLC. This company works with cell tower landlords during lease negotiations to ensure they don’t sign terrible contracts.

Tower Genius was founded by Kevin Donohue and Stephen Kazella, two sought-after experts in the telecommunications industry. They know what a fair lease agreement looks like, and they know how to get one. This company helps landlords who are contemplating a buyout, landlords who are seeking changes to an existing agreement, and landlords who are seeking to get the most value out of their cell tower lease.

“We provide all the cell tower lease buyout information that landlords need, and we’ll help them with the negotiating. We’ve found that if you come to the negotiating table confident, informed, and resolute, it’s more likely that you’ll get a favorable result,” adds the spokesperson.

Landlords who need any of the services described above are encouraged to schedule a free 5- to 10-minute call with the team at Tower Genius. Customers can reach them at 1-(888) 313-9750 or visit their website.

Their team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If after a 30-minute call a landlord decides to hire the company, this call will be free.

About Tower Genius

Tower Genius, LLC is a team of cell tower lease consultants based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They help cell tower landlords negotiate with the big cell companies, and they help with buyouts, lease agreement adjustments, and much more. Cell tower landlords who are unhappy with their current lease agreement are encouraged to call Tower Genius.

To learn more, visit https://www.towergenius.com/.