Cedar Tubs Direct Offers Timberline Wood Fired Pool and Hot Tub Heaters With 10% Off Coupon Codes



Cedar Tubs Direct provides Timberline Aluminum wood fired pool and hot tub heaters with 70,000 to 100000 BTU heating capacity, which would be perfect for off grid applications.

Press Release

22nd October, 2018 – Cedar Tubs Direct, the Canadian hot tubs and sauna accessories supplier with a vast product line including pumps, heaters, covers, chemicals and filters, offers Timberline wood fired pool and hot tub heaters with 10% off coupon codes valid for next 24 hours. These stoves are capable to produce around 70,000 – 100000 BTU (20Kw-30Kw) of heat with the use of wood only. You can find a good alternative in Timberline hot tub heaters when it comes to heat your spa or hot tub without a huge utility bill! These 100% Aluminum wood fired stoves can keep submerged without the risk of getting rust or burnt. You can depend on Cedar Tubs Direct’s Timberline hot tub heaters to heat a medium to the large hot tub or pool in a few hours.

Free from the noise and corrosion, a TimberLine wood fired hot tub heater can always be the best way to heat your hot tub or a pool burning only firewood. The heater design does not demand the use of electricity in order to circulate the water in the pool or tub!

Thermosiphon helps naturally pump the hot water, which becomes lighter than cold water. It acts the same way that raises a hot air balloon. The less dense hot water goes above only to draw cold water to the bottom for further heating, keeping the cycle complete. The more the fire flame emits heat inside the firebox of the hot tub heater, the more consistently the heat flows through the water.

“Our Timberline wood fired hot tub heaters use an advanced heat exchange mechanism for effective water heating. The Aluminum structure surrounding the firebox also has 3 port channels running horizontally through it for extra heat transfer. Be sure that exterior models of Timberline hot tub heaters in our stock exceed not just in heat performance but also in quality.

Cedar Tubs Direct’s wood fired hot tub heaters can be an eco-friendly choice for replacement or new installation. While coming with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects, these heaters are a perfect fit for cottagers or whoever wants to enjoy hot tubing without noise of the pump. Even if you are DIYer looking to build the tub of your own, consider going through the models of Timberline aluminum hot tub heaters on sale at https://www.cedartubsdirect.com/hot-tub-heaters-c-3.html.

About the Company:-

Cedar Tubs Direct is a Canadian manufacturer cum supplier of top quality red cedar wood hot tubs and saunas worldwide.To end up with an energy efficient and eco-friendly choice for replacing your old or damaged hot tub heaters, consider shopping for 100% aluminum Timberline wood fired hot tub and pool heater at https://www.cedartubsdirect.com/.