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California Art News on QueenNoble Elle Ramirez as an artist and a mother of one explains why does she make artworks

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North Hollywood, California, United States June 10, 2021 – QueenNoble “The Queen of Textured Art” The revelation. QueenNoble and her artworks cover is here.

QueenNoble or known as Dr. Elle Ramirez an international award winning artist with more than 25 years of experience in the world of art, with more than hundreds of solo exhibition, owner and founder of La Galería de QueenNoble, author of several books is known for her incredible textured artworks thus, named as the queen of texture abstract art.

Her passion for artworks is unconditional leading her to give some to local charity sector to be sold and fund children in need and homeless people. “really don’t care about asking people to pay more for the artworks. It’s really about, want it? Okay, let’s calculate time and expenses forget that talent fee just want some portions of the earnings for the children or even there’s nothing for this artist here just to making both parties happy the collector and the children. But just is just, just need to get a bit of what have spent to make all of those (while pointing to her several artworks). “.

QueenNoble Elle Ramirez is known for her self formulating paints that make vivid colors that change and creates three dimensional colors and her textured clay like artworks on canvas, known for travel souvenir paintings, luxury collection artworks where gems and real precious stones on canvas and more.
QueenNoble as a mom of one, “Art is something that bonds you with your child. It’s like let’s create a unique picture together and let’s talk about it. You have a question about the colors how they’re made? That’s a bonding and educational time there.” QueenNoble said.
See more of her works on IG at queennobleofficial.
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