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Desserts infused with your favorite alcohol; aka boozy desserts are a fun way to brighten up any day. Loaded with rum, tequila, bourbon, gin, whisky and brandy, these boozy desserts are trending everywhere.

Decadent cookies are delicious in their own right but infuse them with your favorite liquor and something astounding happens. After all, alcohol does have the tendency to change food in astonishing ways, often making it more alluring, engaging and certainly adding and enhancing the flavor. These boozy desserts highlight that delicious and fun combination.

These delightful boozy desserts won’t make you drunk, but they can be enough to break the ice, and lighten your day or spice up your party. Alcohols infused cookies are always a recipe for a wonderful time and will take cookie time up a notch.

Add some soul to your next evening gathering with one of these Boozy Ball Cookies from Every sweet treat is hand rolled and made with a bit of your favorite liquor. Our boozy dessert cookies are made with the freshest roasted walnuts, almonds and pecans, sweetened with pure cane sugar, brown sugar or creamy white chocolate. Then, infused with alcohols from around the world to bring you a unique, special taste like no other treat you have encountered! Extraordinary for presents, birthday celebrations, corporate gifts, gatherings or just to fulfill your decadent and discerning tastes.

About Boozy Ball Cookies

We offer our discerning customers a remarkable treat that your average treat cannot. Made with the freshest ingredients, love and care Boozy Ball Cookies brings cookies to a whole new level. We are a Veteran, and Women Owned Small Business and we guarantee that our boozy desserts will be the star of any party.


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