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Press Release

Vasant Panchami is one of the most joyous festivals of the Hindus and is celebrated with lots of cheerfulness all over the country. This festival takes place on the fifth day of the spring season. The term ‘basant’ means spring and the term ‘panchami’ means the fifth day. As per the Hindu calendar, Basant Panchami or Saraswati puja falls in February or sometimes the end of January that is the month of Magha. It is also the fifth day of Shukla Paksha. And yellow is the most preferable color of this day. This is the reason why people are even found wearing yellow outfits on this day.

This day is dedicated to Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of Vidya or education. In order to make the proper arrangements for this puja, the right puja samagris are required. But sometimes some of the samagris are not available i the offline stores. What to do in this case? Yes, you can visit the online store of and look for the samagris. You will surely get everything you need to complete Saraswati puja with perfection. You can even buy pooja thali online from here for worshipping Goddess Saraswati. You will need mango wood, yellow cloth piece, kalash, shriphal, kumkum, haldi, akshat, naivedya, gangajal, sandalwood, durva grass, conch or shankh, and whatever else are needed. You can buy these samagris either separately or in the form of pooja kits. The choice is yours. In any case, you won’t have to compromise on the puja items’ quality. You will get everything fresh from here.

One of the spokesperson of the store has said a few words on the puja items required for Saraswati puja. He said, “Pujashoppe will never let its customers compromise on the quality and the arrangement of any puja. Same is the case for Saraswati puja. The customers who have already bought the samagris for this puja from here have all given positive feedback on the quality of these pious items.

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