Burn Your Extra Body Fat and Look Fit with Performa



    Performa is a fitness site. They are more than a gym. They provide a comprehensive suite of high-end health amenities.

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    Today you can find number of options to lose weight, either through the use of fitness equipments or taking weight loss nutritional supplements. But it is considered that exercise is the better option to look fit. With proper guidance, you can do such fitness exercises with Performa. Performa is one of a premium fitness site, where you can do fitness exercise to get perfectly fit body.

    Performa focuses on three key features such as exercise, recovery and nutrition. Their gym enables people of all ages and abilities to maximize their weight loss, strength training, and fat burning routines. You can find their fitness gym at Gym San Juan and Gyms in San Juan Puerto Rico.

    Key services provides by Performa includes –

    1. Fitness studio–Their studio features innovative, top-of-the-line training, equipment that allows for hundreds of different exercises.
    1. Personal training – They understand that every client deserves unique attention and will work with you to achieve optimal improvements and life-changing results.
    1. Group sessions – Their variety of classes allows members to change up their routine, which helps create muscle confusion, target more of your body, and keep workouts interesting.
    1. Altitude training – You can take your workout higher with the Hypoxico Altitude Training Mask, which allows you to breathe oxygen-reduced air while exercising. This method improves athletic performance and physical wellness through an increase in red blood cell production.
    1. Advanced Cryotherapy – This therapy gives you many benefits such as inflammation relief, weight loss support, migraine prevention and mental health.
    1. Healing massages – Their masseuses give you relaxation and stress relief. Performa offer wellness massages, hot massages and much more.
    1. The BOD POD – In 5 minutes, it calculates body density by analyzing the weight, volume, fat mass and lung volumes. This will help you set goals and track progress in muscle and fat changes.
    1. Nutrition planning – Performa provides certified nutritionists to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
    1. The wellness bar – they offer organic and low sugar beverages at their wellness bar.

    About Performa

    Performa is a fitness site. They are more than a gym. They provide a comprehensive suite of high-end health amenities, from expert training and rehabilitation to key nutrition insights and education.

    For more detail information about Gym San Juan and their fitness services, you can visit here – https://performa.fit/. Or you can call them on (787)705-2009.

    Address: 209 Eleanor Roosevelt, San Juan, Puerto Rico.