Brainium Unveils Their New Logo After 10 Years



    With the launch of the new logo, Brainium rebrands itself highlighting the innovations it has brought in the industry in the past ten years.

    Press Release

    Brainium Information Technologies, a leading Kolkata-based IT company serving innumerable clients across the globe, announced the launch of a new logo after a decade.

    The first thing that attracts the eyes of the clients and customers about a company is its logo. A logo is not a simple design that an organization adopts. Rather it has a deeper meaning as it unfolds the various aspects of the organization.

    Since its inception back in 2009, Brainium has brought various changes in the industry. It has come up with new business solutions, cost-effective app development  and various applications that help businesses run smoothly.

    About the renovation of the logo, Sourav Sinha, MD and co-founder of Brainium, said, “It was the need of the hour to communicate Brainium’s innovations and success stories to the clients and customers.” He further added, “Refreshing the logo or the brand image is one of the best means to connect to the clients and let them know about the use of new technologies and the way it works and delivers.”

    The new logo looks like the letter ‘B’ which is the company’s initial, but it also has two fastened rings that represent two entities- technology & innovation, the combination of which helps Brainium deliver first-class solutions.

    Color plays a pivotal role in defining a brand image and the combination of blue and red have been chosen very carefully. The blue indicates both trust and sincerity and red indicates energy and passion.

    The simplicity in design makes it easy to recognize and relate to. Also, the golden ratio into which it has been stylized, makes it easy to showcase it anywhere and in any manner as required. The scalable new logo of Brainium makes it easy to use across all channels and media in the same form without any distortions or other design compromises so that people can recognize and remember.

    After launching the new logo, Brainium’s CTO, Mukesh Singh said, “We have been in the industry for more than 10 years now and we felt we must showcase the changes we have brought in to the industry, so we realized that we need a better logo to convey it all.”

     About Brainium

    Brainium Information Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified software development company specialized in Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, and Digital Marketing. They provide end to end solutions in Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, and Web Hosting. Founded in the year 2009, the company has now more than 250 full-time employees who continuously strive to innovate its solutions and services to keep adding value to the clients.

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    Brainium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Phone: +91-33-40646347

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