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Do you have what it takes to be the next webcam model or private stripper?

Press Release

CII Entertainment brings you that opportunity to be part of today’s biggest and most promising careers.  This is an astonishing chance for anyone who’s motivated and flexible to be part of today’s trend where financial freedom can be achieved in the comfort of your home.

More and more people make money stripping online and doing webcam jobs. In fact, they can make income more than those working for a stressful 9-6 shift. In regards to that, more and more clients are hiring for adult entertainers specifically webcam models and private strippers.

It takes a motivated and alluring woman to perform an adult entertainment that’s why big benefits are incredibly waiting for you at CII Entertainment. Check these out!


Lucrative Earnings

Models can earn based on their availability. The more available hours and they can give for the job the higher the possibility they can earn bigger! Models/performers can actually make money from multiple ways with this type of job.

Achieving Financial Goals

When models start to earn money, they will have the sense of responsibility to strive more on achieving their financial goals. The more flexible their working hours will be, the more feasible financial freedom will be.


Gifts, Bonuses, and other Perks

Customers can send models virtual gifts such as bonus, commission, or gifts for your performances.

Be part of the team and gear up to your adult jobs career now!

About CII Entertainment

With 20 years of experience in the industry, CII Entertainment offers great opportunities to females who want to work in the adult industry. The company welcomes online private strippers and webcam models to work on a very comfortable and flexible schedule. Models can work part time or full time. CII Entertainment also gives its models various perks such as competitive bonuses, promos, and other job benefits.

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