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BD Living is a renowned residential and commercial construction service provider in Maddington, WA. The company specializes in comprehensive solutions for various kinds of construction project needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, BD Living is a leading destination for premium-quality construction services at competitive prices.

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BD Living will create residential and commercial facilities that cater to your personalized needs.

Residential Services

The residential services at BD Living are of various kinds – single storied house, subdivision, demolish and build, renovations, second-story additions, Granny flats, 3D Planning with Archicad, and Apartment building.

Single-story Residential Services

When you resolve to build a single-story house, you need well-executed Planning to materialize your design. The builders at BD Living offer expert residential building services that help you to create your dream house.

Demolish and Build

At BD Living, builders can help you demolish your old house and construct a new home.

House Behind House


If you are looking for an economical house development project, you can consider the house-behind-house solution. BD Living can help you with house-behind-house constructions within a budget.

Home Renovation

Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and unique sensibilities. BD living’s trusted home renovation solutions help clients design exquisite bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Granny Flats

Construction workers in Perth, Maddington, Cannington, Or Canning Vale are skilled at building the most beautiful looking granny flats.

3D Planning

BD Living uses ArchiCad software to create 3D construction plans.

Duplex Homes

BD Living is Perth’s finest duplex home builder. The reliable crew at BD Living can help you materialize your dream home with the highest quality services.

Multi-Unit Development Project

BD Living is a trusted partner that would assist you with premium-quality development services if you are planning a multi-unit development project.


BD Living can help you with subdividing your property. The workers at BD Living are experienced and reliable – they will guide you through the essential steps for subdividing your property.

Home Renovations

BD Living can help you with high-quality home renovation solutions for your kitchen and bathroom.

Home- Extension Services

BD Living provides excellent home extension services for your home.

Second-Storey Additions

If you are trying to expand your home, we can help you with a second-story addition.

Architectural Plans Preparation

BD Living can develop architectural plans that comply with building and construction codes.


Perth’s best builders at BD Living can help you construct duplex houses with the required facilities.


At BD Living, you can collaborate with trusted builders to create triplex flats.

Commercial Services

BD Living is one of the leading apartment builders in Perth to help you with commercial apartment building projects.

To get avail of their services visit and learn their charges as well.

About BD Living

BD Living can help you with residential and commercial building projects in Perth, Maddington, Cannington, and Canning Vale.

19 Coachwood Way, Maddington
Western Australia, 6109