Aurora Software Offers Easy To Use LTL Freight And Carrier Tracking Software



    Aurora Software, a leading supplier of transportation software that offers easy to use LTL Freight and Carrier Tracking software to the transportation industry.

    Press Release

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    About a few years back, when you 1st began your business, you’ve never heard of LTL freight shipping. In fact, the acronym LTL looks like some sort of foreign language to you. But, now that your business grown dramatically, you’re seeking ways to deliver your goods to your consumers and you’re starting to learn regarding LTL shipping. Basically, LTL means less-than-truckload, and because your business has grown significantly, you no more head on over to the post office to send your products to your consumers. So you start looking around for LTL freight shipping info & you soon realize that you’ll get to save quite a lot using LTL freight carriers in comparison to the traditional ways of sending your products to your consumers.

    LTL shipping is a great & efficient way to send out your goods to your customers – regardless of where they are (even if they’re in the most remote areas in the country!). One of the advantages of using LTL freight carriers is that they’re able to deliver to remote areas that most of the traditional carriers or FTL freight carriers don’t. And the best part of it all – you only pay for the space that you use in any LTL freight carrier.

    “We offer the best LTL freight tracking software to help manage your business. Our LTL software is designed to be easy to use & to present relevant info to your dispatchers at a glance. Timely & precise info will help your staff in each business decision making process. Most importantly our LTL carrier tracking software will maximize your use of equipment & drivers, boost cash flow, eradicate duplication and improve the output of your team” said a spokesperson of Aurora Software.

    About the company:
    Established in 1983, Aurora Software, Inc is a leading supplier of wide range of transportation software including LTL software, Truckload software, Intermodal software, Air Freight software, Brokerage software, Depo software, Warehouse software, Accounting software (AP, AR, GL), EDI, fully integrated Document Imaging software, etc. They’ve a 24/7 customer support team that is always available to help you with your transport software related queries.