Animal Whisperer Offers Unique Opportunities To Talk to Animals Through Innovative Courses



Animal Whisperer Offers Unique Opportunities To Talk to Animals Through Innovative Courses

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Dubai, UAE – Wouldn’t it be wonderful to talk to your pet and understand them through the power of telepathy? Certified Animal Communicator Fatema Zahra is just the person to help and is now planning to launch animal communication course modules for the general public.


Fatema – often referred to as an animal whisperer and pet psychic – has undertaken a life’s work to create deeper harmony between species through telepathic animal communication and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth for both people and animals through her healing services.


“Animals, like humans, can be adversely affected by trauma and life experiences. Just like you would visit a therapist to work through any issues, so people send their animals to me,” she said. “I create a bond of trust and friendship between myself and their pet so they open up to me. I recognize their behavior patterns, understand their perspective of their experiences and then work together with them to rewire those issues.”


Her desire for healing and growth for herself and her animal friends has led her to train and practice in several modalities, including Reiki and Crystal Healing.


Fatema is now offering the unique opportunity to discover how to connect to animals telepathically at the heart and mind level and be able to hear their incredible voice yourself and delve into their secret world.


She offers to take you on a journey into the remarkable inner world of animal communication through three courses. Her beginner’s course enables students to learn an easy process for communicating with animals telepathically. Find out what it takes to talk to animals with expert guidance and step-by-step training through this 2.5 hour course. The cost is AED 5,000.


For those looking to go deeper, Fatema offers an intermediate course to enable you to learn more about how you can further your skills as a communicator. The 3-hour course costs AED 5,000.


She also provides the opportunity to develop further through the combination of both courses. The course time is 5.5 hours and costs the discounted price is AED 8,500.


This is a life-changing opportunity for animal lovers who are highly sensitive, empathic and spiritual and want to help their pets to heal and improve their lives,” she said. “In learning how to help and heal your animal intuitively using the techniques in this course you’ll also heal, evolve and grow. That includes improving your own life by regaining your self-worth and confidence and enjoying healthy boundaries.”


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